Jungle Heat Hack

Download the Jungle heat hack and add unlimited resources to your game. Works on Android and IOS. No Jailbreak Required.No Root. Daily updates to ensure the functionality of the hack. Undetectable (100% Guaranteed). Anti-ban. Virus-Free, the files are safe and secure.

Works for Facebook now!

Jungle heat hack

Download Jungle Heat Hack

Jungle heat hack


  • Unlimited Diamonds
  • Unlimited Gold
  • Unlimited Oil
  • Undetectable
  • Daily Updates

jungle heat hack proof

How to use Jungle Heat Hack on phone

  • Download the simple software.
  • Run the application
  • Connect your phone or device
  • Click “Connect” button
  • Input how much gold, oil or diamonds you want
  • Click “Hack”
  • Enjoy

How to use for Facebook:

  • Just input what resources you want and just click “Hack” but first connect on Facebook on our app after clicking the download button below.

How to download Jungle Heat Hack from our website

The download files are protected. To download the hack you need to complete a short offer. We do this to ensure the functionality of our software. It’s better if less people use it so our hack won’t get patched. We make sure only the people that really need it will get it.

Click on the download button and a list of offers will appear. Select an offer and fill it out. Most of the times it’s an offer where you just have to enter some information (make it look real and the file will unlock).

Some contries only have Mobile or CellPhone surveys. You can fill them out by just typing your mobile number and sending an SMS that costs less than a dollar. You will receive the SMS with a code and use that code to complete the offer.

After you have filled out the offer, your download will automatically unlock.

Jungle Heat Cheats, extra information

We built this software for the Jungle Heat players and we’re proud to present it to all of you. The hack is amazing and it works for all devices. It took us few days to create it and we can add updates everytime we have to. The hack updates automatically after you download it so you don’t have to worry. It functions with the current Jungle Heat patch. This is the only working Jungle Heat hack, if anyone got a working hack, it’s from us.

Some Jungle Heat Tips and Cheats

Jungle heat is a solid alternative for Clash of Clans game. You have to build up a base and harvest resources, create a big army and then fight with other players online. If your command center gets destryed then you’re done. So it’s good to place your building in center of the map, and then build other buildings around it. If anyone wants to take you down it will be very hard in this way.

You also have to choose who you attack. Attack only enemies that have low number of troops. If the enemy has a lot of troops you will lose a lot.

Another tip would be to make sure you create the Worker’s Hut unit. This makes sure you create strong troops. You have to create walls that will provide a lot of defense. Enemies have to deal a lot of damage to the walls to get to you.

You have to complete the achievements that are given to you while you play. Those will give you diamonds and a lot of experience.

To make sure you have a powerful attack you have to ensure your barracks are upgraded. To upgrade the units you unlocked, use the Lab to give them useful enhancements.